Akira Table

The Akira Table is height adjustable, mobile, and easily nests when not in use. This highly crafted table rises to the challenge of any active space.

Au Lait Table

The unique base and contemporary design of the Au Lait Table by Coalesse is carefully blended with versatile mobility to effortlessly adapt to a variety of spaces.

B-Free Tables

B-Free tables provide a new aesthetic in open and enclosed creative, nomadic and social settings.

Ballet Table

The Ballet Table by Coalesse is crafted with graceful lines and in a range of sizes for a beautiful and functional solution to training and conference room spaces.

Bix Table

Crafted to integrate seamlessly into collaborative offices and work environments, Bix Tables and Side Tables by Coalesse support the many needs of the modern workplace.


Convene meeting tables and conference room furniture create a beautiful, durable, high-end space that reflects the essence of your brand.


Currency is a contemporary desk system designed to work as a stand-alone product or work with other systems.

Denizen Table

Seamlessly blending design and mobile functionality, the Denizen line of worksurfaces and tables by Coalesse supports collaborative and social workstyles.

Dining Table CH327

The designer Dining Table CH327 by Coalesse is the carefully crafted embodiment of grace and timeless, enduring style.

E-Table 2

The designer E-Table 2 by Coalesse effortlessly integrates the technology needs of contemporary workspaces with the demand for aesthetically appealing pieces.

EMU Ivy Table

The clean lines and minimal aesthetic of EMU Ivy Tables by Coalesse brings the inspiration of nature into the office.

EMU Pattern Table

Uniquely designed to exude an airy, whimsical feel, EMU Pattern Tables by Coalesse seamlessly adapt to indoor and outdoor applications.

Enea Lottus Table

Designer Enea Lottus Tables by Coalesse are crafted to evoke a sculptural feel while retaining clean, simple lines for seamless integration into any space.

Enea Table

Available in varying heights and shapes, the full collection of Enea Tables by Coalesse create desirable spaces for offices, cafés, or conference rooms.


The Exchange table provides an impromptu place for clinicians to gather, share and connect.


Groupwork tables and visual worktools promote open thinking from project rooms to café spaces, and anywhere in between.

Host Table

Host Table by Coalesse elevates conference rooms to a new level of contemporary refinement and technological capabilities.

Lagunitas Table

Designed with a range of human work postures in mind, Lagunitas Table by Coalesse encourages a comfortable work experience in collaborative and private settings.


media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for a greater collaborative work environment and more productivity than ever before.

Montara650 Table

Montara650’s power ready pedestal tables by Coalesse pair with sculpted seating, tailored the way you want it. Simple. Social. Refined.

Payback Tables

Payback is the all-in-one casegood solution that works hard in any setting.


A better way to work together. Potrero415 by Coalesse is a refreshing antidote to the conventional conference-room.

Reunion Table

Reunion Table by Coalesse is a highly functional worksurface crafted to suit the demands of modern classrooms, conference spaces and training areas.

Runner Table

The diverse family of worksurfaces in the Runner Table line finds a home in training and conference settings, classrooms, and collaborative spaces.


ScapeSeries is a small table, incorporating power outlets enabling, users to easily charge all mobile devices. It can be associated with media:scape technology, which allows easy connection and screen and data sharing.

Simple Tables

Simple Tables reconfigure effortlessly, allowing you to rearrange your space for work or play.

SW_1 Table

Crafted with equal parts intelligent design and beauty, SW_1 Conference Table and SW_1 Occasional Table by Coalesse welcome you to collaborative and social settings.

Train Table

With smooth mobility, simple storage capabilities, and integrated technology, Train Table by Coalesse is the ultimate training room worksurfaces.


Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.

Verb Active Media Table

With a mobile monitor lift, Verb Active Media Table supports monitors being raised and lowered to meet the changing needs of a classroom.

Verb Active Media Table

Verb Active Media Table supports monitors being raised and lowered to meet the changing needs of a classroom.



Ocular™ is a hybrid collaboration table with a unique curved shape that creates a more equitable experience for in person and remote meeting participants.